The Advantages of Sewer Repair Without Excavation

As the United States’ infrastructure ages, we approach a crisis point in our nations ability to maintain both public works and connected, private utility services. Among the most dangerous aspects of this looming problem is the reduced efficacy of your sewer and waste water drainage system. When these stop working, it has far more implications than a foul, persistent odor. Your property may flood, killing grass and trees, spreading to other yards, and undermining the foundation of your home.

The odor alone may draw complaints from neighbors and even cause headaches and nausea. As methane and other toxic chemicals concentrate in the area, you also have a higher risk of infectious diseases and certain types of cancer. Family members and pets are at risk. Your property value will sink. You may even face fines from the local government if you do not find someone to attend to the problem. Luckily, several sewer repair Seattle companies exist to mitigate all of these problems. Below are some of the many advantage their trenchless pipe repair, trenchless sewer repair, and other sewage and septic services provide for you.

Older homes are more susceptible to sewage problems. Additionally, these properties may have problems that have gone undetected until now. On of the advantages of trenchless repair is the fact that backhoe rental and plumbing repair expensive, extensive excavation of your sewer line are not usually necessary. This allows the repair company to save, thereby passing the savings on to you.


Burst pipes are the most typical (and worried-about) problem with sewer lines. However, the repair technology of the last 10-15 years has ensured that full system replacement is rarely necessary. This is a very lucky break for homeowners, because such repairs can cost in excess of $20,000! Look for sewer repair Seattle that is up front about their diagnostic and repair methods, and does not immediately recommend system replacement without evidence that it is necessary.

New sewage repair technology allows a company to identify and repair problems, even if they exist under driveways, home foundations, and garages. In these instances, mobile camera technology, water, air power are used to identify blast away any debris within the obstructed or burst pipe.

Pipe lining and pipe bursting are two such methods designed to replace pipe or pipe segments without excavating. The former involves sealing a breach with a strong, fast-drying resin, while the latter involves replacing entire segments of pipe with stronger ones. With both of these, only one small access hole needs to be dug.

Homes that are 40 years or older usually have some type of unidentified problem with their sewage systems. Be sure to find a company that provides the above advantages while working with closely your homeowner’s insurance provider.


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